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Shirley teaches all forms of choreography for individual & group, film, television & theatre. 
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Original Choreography

2016 Mt. Olympus Ballet
2016 Tap piece Money Money Money
2015 Spanish Lover Ballet
2015 Tap piece Raggae
2014 Arabian Ballet
2014 Tap piece Riot
2013 Phantom of the Opera
2012 National Competition
2012 Dance Elements ballet, tap, and Jazz
2012 Dream Weaver Productions 11
2012 Riot Tap Competition
2012 Opera Ballet
2011 Dream Weaver Productions
2010 Alice in Wonderland Ballet
2009 Follies
2009-2003 Nutcracker Ballet
2007 Let's Dance Concert
2006 Cinderella Ballet
2005 Indian Ballet
2004 Ishtan Ballet
2003 Koo Sa Moo Ballet
2001-1996 Tap Shows 1,2,3,4,5
1996 Do Not Touch the Wiring
1995 Koo Sa Moo
1994 Rubicon
1993 Creeon: An Indian Ballet
Jeff’s Dream
Ave Maria
1992 Diane and Actaeon
Rehearsal Frenzy
1991 I can Dream Can’t I
Where Angels Live & Die
1990 Cambrian Kites
Sultry Night
1989 Dream Time
1988 Galaxy
Calling You
1987 The Epic of Ishtar
1986 Artist and The Lady

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Feature Films

1999 Annie- Director, Rob Marshal
1997 Absolute Power-- Director, Clint Eastwood
1995 An American President --Director, Rob Reiner
1995 Dracula: Dead &Loving It-Director, Mel Brooks
1991 Frankie and Johnny—Director, Gary Marshall
1991 Bugsy-Director, Barry Levinson
1991 Father of The Bride—Director, Charles Shyer
1990 Overboard—Director, Gary Marshall
1989 Three Amigos—Director, John Landis
1986 Nothing in Common—Director, Gary Marshall
1986 Pennies from Heaven—Director, Herb Ross
1981 Pennies from Heaven-Director, Herb Ross
1976 Silent Movie-Director, Mel Brooks
1975 Funny Lady-Director, Herb Ross
1973 Third Girl from the Left-Director, Dory Previn


2015 Guys and Dolls
2014 Little Shop of Horrors
2008 Pajama Game
2008 Follies
2007 Music Man
2006 Crazy For You


Family Ties
Happy Days
Chico and The Man
The Nut House
Laverne and Shirley
Tony Randall Show
Who’s Watching The Kids?
Love and War
The Carol Burnett Show
The Cher Show
NBC Follies
The Burt Convey Show
Who’s Watching the Kids?
Pompei Way
Blansky’s Beauties
Julie Andrews
Of Thee I Sing